Speech Therapy for Kids



Therapy Process

The speech-language therapist (SLT) will use both informal and formal assessment to identify your child’s strengths and needs. The initial assessment will take one hour. If needed, by your consent, the therapist will go to your child’s school or your home to obtain more information. If your child has been seen by other health professionals or psychologist, it will be beneficial if you bring the reports to the assessment so the speech-language therapist can get a more accurate picture of your child.

Before the assessment you will be asked to fill out a form to provide information of your child’s developmental history and your concerns about your child. The therapist will also ask you further information, such as whether or not your child has specific difficulties in certain areas of communication or feeding and swallowing issues.

We are also looking at the areas of attention, listening skills, understanding of verbal expression and your child’s expressive language.

Other observations may include oral-motor functions and whether the child is having any sensory sensitivity around the mouth and jaw.

After the assessment, the SLT will analyze the sample obtained during the formal and informal assessment to identify specific areas of needs to be worked on. Based on the analysis, the SLT will plan tailor-made goals for your child’s therapy sessions. There will be specific exercises targeted for specific areas of need to be worked on in the sessions and at home.

You may request formal assessment report from the therapist. The report will be provided within 2 weeks of the assessment date.




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